Suran posts clarification & apology on Instagram for dating rumors with BTS’s Suga

Four days after Big Hit Entertainment released a statement denying the dating rumor between BTS‘s Suga and singer Suran, she released an apology and clarification on Instagram for the rumors.

On March 31, Suran took to Instagram to clarify the dating rumors, which were denied by BigHit Entertainment earlier this week. She wrote, “Hello, this is Suran. First, I’d like to offer my sincere apologies if there is anyone whom I unintentionally wounded.” Suran then explained the meaning behind her Instagram post from March 27. “I used the phrase to mean ‘shine’ as in a ‘gleaming luster,’” she wrote. “I was happy because after taking a bite of the sweet dessert, my thoughts were suddenly filled with new ideas, and I used the expression to convey my happy feelings. “It was a post that I uploaded simply because the macarons sent to me by an acquaintance were pretty, and since I was grateful, I wanted to promote them.” Suran also denied speculation that the dog in one of her Instagram posts belonged to Suga, as well as speculation that another post she made last year with the caption “S loves S suran loves spain!!!” had been referring to the BTS member. She wrote, “The ‘S’ that stood for ‘Spain,’ the poodle that happened to be at the photo studio of a magazine, [all of] these posts are completely different from what you’ve been imagining and are specific to my own personal experiences.” The singer went on, “I often use abstract expressions in my everyday life. The intense criticism that I received saying the expression I used isn’t standard has both shocked and wounded me greatly. “With a pained heart, I debated whether I should delete the post, but this is my personal social media account, and because I did not write my posts with bad intentions, I think that leaving them as they are is a way of showing my sincerity. “I’m just a person who makes music. I didn’t start [my career] lightly, and I haven’t lived an easy life. I’m simply traveling the path towards better music, continuously heading towards my next destination…” Suran then firmly denied that she was involved in any kind of romantic relationship with Suga, who produced her 2017 hit “Wine.” She wrote, “My relationship with Suga, whom I met last year, was entirely related to music; nothing more, nothing less. “Despite that fact, I think there will be many people who will continue to misunderstand [the nature of our relationship], which makes me feel very frustrated. “I was at a loss for what to do and needed time to think about how to ease the unending anger and insults directed at me. 365 days, 24 hours. “To think that, because I’m a public figure, I need to always stay on my guard, aware of others, and upload posts while taking every possible situation and everyone around me into consideration… “I wonder whether I’m unable to do anything at all, whether I will always need to stay alert and worried and even censor my music. My thoughts keep snowballing.” Finally, the singer concluded, “Once again, I sincerely apologize. I will become a musician who thinks and worries more [about my actions].”

The timing is a bit odd since the whole thing seemed to be blowing over and most people didn’t seem to be taking it too seriously, but I guess she was getting enough backlash from crazy fans where she felt the need to respond in some form.


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