Amuro Namie made tabloid & publisher apologize for false story about being brainwashed by cult

Back in 2014, a tabloid named Female Seven ran a story about how Amuro Namie was having an affair with a promoter, claimed said promoter got her to leave Vision Factory, and that he was a leader of a religious cult that may have brainwashed her.

Firstly, they claimed that she could potentially be having an affair with an affluent music promoter called “Mr. Nishihara”. They claimed Amuro moved into the apartment that Nishihara shared with his wife and two children back in 2011. Not only is a situation like that bizarre, but the intimacy between the two was described to be more than just “colleagues”. Female Seven went on to say that Nishihara was the mastermind behind getting Amuro to split from Vision Factory, and gain more independence with the creation of her own management. That turned out to be “stella88”. They further alleged that Nishihara was the leader of a crazy “religious organization”, in other words a cult. They feared that Amuro had been completely brainwashed by Nishihara, and with Amuro’s new independence that just made everything easier.

One teensy, weensy problem with all that? Um … it was completely false.

The editor of Female Seven printed an official apology retracting the story, their publisher Shogakukan also posted their own apology.

While truth is often stranger than fiction, it turns out this was as off-the-wall as it seemed.


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