Actor Eita reportedly beat up fellow actor and friend Nishikido Ryo in a bar fight

Actors Eita and Nishikido Ryo got into a bar fight recently, according to tabloid FRIDAY, and it was Eita who was reportedly pummeling Ryo.

At around midnight on April 10th Eita, Nishikido, and several other men working within the industry got together to drink. They went to a very high class bar located in Ebisu, and the drinking activities commenced.

At around 2:00 AM a “wasted” Nishikido started to wave his middle finger to Eita, and then began to tease the other actor. He was just joking around but suddenly Eita’s expression changed, and he punched Nishikido. This caused Nishikido to fall to the floor, but Eita didn’t stop with his assault and continued to repeatedly strike the Kanjani8 member. Nishikido tried to resist and was yelling “please stop! please stop!!” The party they were with didn’t even know what to do at first, they were too stunned with what was happening before their eyes. The two were eventually pulled apart, and Eita was seen leaving the bar at around 2:30 AM.

Eita and Nishikido were actually already acquainted with each other, they starred together in the 2008 drama Last Friends and formed their own friendship. Perhaps there was just an explosion of emotions after having too much to drink?

The pair are both currently starring in the NHK taija drama Segodon, which only adds to the mess.

Hey, what’s a bit of fisticuffs between friends, right?


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