Park Bom’s drug scandal to resurface on ‘PD Notebook’, people still mad about wrong thing

Park Bom‘s past drug scandal that emerged back in 2014 will resurface on an upcoming episode of ‘PD Notebook‘ that looks into the reform of prosecutors, mainly due to allegations of special treatment.

According to a survey, Korean citizens named ‘Prosecutor Reform’ as the most urgent issue that needs to be addressed. With this in mind, the special will cover cases that led to major controversies in society due to questionable rulings. Among the issues is Park Bom’s drug scandal. Back in 2010, Park Bom was caught using international mail to smuggle narcotic amphetamines. The former 2NE1 member claimed she wanted to use the drug for the treatment of her depression. Despite all the suspicion behind her drug scandal, the prosecutor decided to suspend her case, meaning they would neither investigate nor punish her for the crime. The ruling fired up another controversy on YG Entertainment’s abuse of power and celebrity “special treatment”. Many still question why Park Bom was not properly penalized for the use and smuggling of the illegal drug.

I do actually understand people who are upset over supposed preferential treatment, with the argument basically being that even if it was for her mental health and prescribed to her in America that a regular Korean citizen would get the book thrown at them regardless. However, instead of demanding Park Bom be punished, it seems more productive to channel that outrage into cries in support of regular Korean citizens also getting pardons in cases of mental health.


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