Rapper Jung Sang Soo now accused of sexual assault, admits to taking sleeping drunk woman home

Rapper Jung Sang Soo, who recently had his fifth run-in with the law in the past year, is in trouble again after being accused of raping a woman.

On April 25, the Ilsan Seobu Police Station received a report from a woman that she was sexually assaulted by Jung Sang Soo. According to the police, the woman was raped on April 22 while she was in an intoxicated state. In response to these reports, Jung Sang Soo told news outlet Edaily that the sexual relations were consensual. “It’s true that I took an intoxicated woman home while she was asleep, but we had sex when she woke up. There was no coercion,” he claimed. Jung Sang Soo will be summoned by police once they finish confirming facts with the woman.

Well, he admits to taking a woman home while she was both wasted and sleeping and then having sex with her, so it’s difficult to believe him when he says that the act was consensual. That’s … I mean that’s basically all there is to it from what we know at the moment.

Seriously though, I don’t understand how he’s still free to be roaming around and doing this kind of shit. Rather fucking ridiculous when he’s basically spent the last year being a danger to others.


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