Winning group from ‘MIXNINE’ will not debut due to contract disagreements with YG

After much speculation about the debut status of the winning group from YG‘s reality show, ‘MIXNINE‘, it turns out that they will amazingly not be debuting because the labels could not agree to a contract with YG.

On May 2, it was reported that YG Entertainment wrapped up its final meeting with the other agencies last week. YG Entertainment suggested a three-year contract with the group releasing an album each year. The members would promote domestically and internationally for six months a year, and then spend the other six months in their respective agencies. In response to this offer, some of the agencies expressed that it would be difficult to follow this contract. They asked to keep the duration shorter as stated in the original contract, but YG Entertainment reportedly refused to do so. According to a source from the industry, the agencies were unable to reach an agreement.

Happyface Entertainment, who would’ve had a trainee in the group, confirmed that it’s not happening.

Happyface Entertainment confirmed that the “MIXNINE” debut plans have been canceled and that Woo Jin Young has returned to the agency as a trainee.

I honestly never thought YG would not debut this group because of the potential embarrassment of it all, but … wow.


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