Companies of ‘MIXNINE’ winning group reportedly balk at YG’s contract offer, citing length

The winning group of ‘MIXNINE‘ was recently given a contract proposal from YG that would be three years in length, and would entail six months of promotions with YG and six months with their own company. Unsurprisingly, at least some companies have reportedly balked at this offer, citing the length of the contract.

Again, the main reason for companies to be skeptical about the contract is because of YG’s history of struggling with doing things on schedule, and promising yearly comebacks seems farfetched. But even apart from that, it would make comebacks for their groups complicated due to logistics issues over basically half their contracts, would potentially expose the member to three years of constant promotion, and locks the companies into a long-term deal with a group from a show that did anything but prove its relevancy to the public.

I do see people saying this is what YG wants so he doesn’t have to bother with the group, but it would still surprise me if this doesn’t get done somehow, cause god what a farce not giving a debut to this group would be.


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