Jay Park reportedly finishes new single & MV for Roc Nation debut featuring 2 Chainz

Jay Park has reportedly recently completed recording a new single and filming a new music video in the United States, and it will not be released through AOMG but through Jay-Z‘s Roc Nation, the label he surprisingly signed with last July. The release will notably feature rapper 2 Chainz and will effectively represent his advancement into the American market.

I’m inherently skeptical about his prospects, but it should be an interesting case. BTS has broken through a bit against the odds, but that has been mainly been because of their fandom, and their singles are definitely still poppy. Not sure what sound Jay Park will be going with, but it might be tougher as an Asian dude to have a more sexual image in America and songs like “Aquaman” or whatever. Thus, I’m looking forward to see what he presents and what the reaction to it is.


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