[Review] HALO excel by using funk on surprisingly excellent “OMG”

HALO, a group I’m quite sure I have never written about before, made a comeback a while back with “OMG” that I kind of overlooked. However, I recently got around to listening to it, and it turns out it’s the latest nugu release that shows both current quality and future promise.

The instrumental foundation is the star of “OMG”, as it provides a smooth and funky sound for HALO to operate over. While most of these songs excel due to the chorus, this was a nice change of pace in that the verses were a strength as well. Of note in particular are the sections where the synths kick in, reminding me a bit of Rockwell‘s “Somebody’s Watching Me” during the “whoa oh oh” refrain.

So the verses put “OMG” in rare territory as it is, but HALO play their part as well, providing powerful vocal runs at appropriate moments to sort of take the top off the track. While the chorus doesn’t have a true hook quality to immediately draw in stray listeners, it is an inherently catchy melody that grows on the listener due to its interesting and polished construction.

At the end of the day, “OMG” is a song that just has that irresistible foot-tapping quality to it. It’s unfortunate that such a quality offering seems to have gone largely unnoticed thus far, but the charm and replayability of this release has at least impacted me, and I’ll be on the lookout for HALO going forward.


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