[Review] TEEN TOP’s “Seoul Night” is a straightforward but breathlessly fun ride

With so many acts moving away from their usual producers this year, it’s kind of refreshing that Teen Top has stuck with good ol’ Brave Brothers for new single “Seoul Night.” Some matches are just meant to be, and this has been a particularly symbiotic relationship throughout the years. The group struck gold with last April’s Brave Brothers-produced Love Is, and “Seoul Night” comes close to replicating that success.

There’s a lot to love here, starting with the song’s relentless tempo. It’s been awhile since we’ve heard a straightforward dance track from a male idol group. “Seoul Night” revs right into gear, presenting a synth-powered club beat that bears hints of last year’s tropical trend without ever succumbing to it. This addictive energy helps cover a relatively forgettable melody. We’re not given a real juicy hook until the swirling, sing-along chorus rears its head. At this point, “Seoul Night” transforms into a celebratory anthem that’s difficult to resist. Anyone remotely familiar with the trademark Brave Brothers sound will have heard it all before, but there’s a reason why producers like this have stuck around so long. It just works.

The song’s brief running time keeps things moving at a clip. Its only weak point occurs during the bridge, where the beat lurches into a glitchy pattern indicative of K-pop’s increasing dalliance with future bass. This would have been the perfect opportunity for a dramatic build towards the final chorus, rather than an extraneous segment that only stalls the energy. But even with this small break in structure, “Seoul Night” is a breathlessly fun ride.


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