MOMOLAND cleared of sajaegi accusations, which apparently people care a lot about

While not as entertaining as Nilo‘s sajaegi affair, MOMOLAND had also come under fire previously for sajaegi after they sold over 8000 copies in a single day in February, which seemed unlikely because they sold around 5000 copies for January. Given the discrepancy, Hanteo requested the Ministry Of Culture, Sports, And Tourism (MCST) to conduct a formal investigation. Well that investigation concluded recently and it said that MOMOLAND was in the clear.

After months of deliberation and investigation, a representative from the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism stated to E Daily that the evidence they had was sufficient to clear MOMOLAND and their agency of suspicion, and the investigation was likely over. “Proof of album payment has been submitted by the Japanese side. The Hanteo chart, who submitted the complaint, requested for additional data, but unless new suspicions are raised, the investigation is likely to be finalized.” — MEXT representative


People are apparently legit mad about this or something, or at least I assume so based on the people who want me to post about how it’s bullshit. I’m not sure if people think me wanting Nilo to win all the year-end awards and Busker Busker the fuck out of EXO, BTS, TWICE, WANNA ONE, and whoever else is a joke or not, but I’m definitely serious.

But don’t let that discourage you from sending sajaegi rants to me, though. I’m definitely enjoying reading them.


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