Kim Kwang Soo says he regrets covering up the truth in T-ara/Hwayoung/Hyoyoung mess … k

Kim Kwang Soo recently talked about being behind ‘The Unit‘ and directed shade at YG and ‘MIXNINE, which is whatever, but let’s focus on him admitting to being a dumbshit when it came to handling T-ara‘s mess with Hwayoung and Hyoyoung. Specifically how now all of a sudden he regrets actively working to cover up the truth cause he thought it would just go away and because he needed to protect the snake twins for some reason.


When asked about the texts that kicked off this whole expose, KKS started by revealing something I’d never heard of before regarding why the people demanding the truth behind T-ara backed off.

“At that time, members of the ‘We Demand Truth from T-ara’ movement had launched a protest and even legal action against us. Of those protesters, we contacted 10 of the most important members and privately sent them the contents of those conversations. Since Hwayoung and Hyoyoung were going to continue working in the entertainment industry, we told them that revealing those conversations publicly would harm them. Those protesters agreed with us and canceled their lawsuit. I felt that was fair so I didn’t want to have to publicly explain.”

KKS told them the truth, provided receipts for that, and they at least stopped going nuts about it. So he knew then that he was sitting on compelling evidence that would exonerate T-ara from the worst of the backlash.

KKS then goes on to recap basically what others had already testified to regarding how the mess went down. Relevantly, he affirms that the staff communicated that Hwayoung went to get her nails done, that she walked to the bathroom fine without the need for crutches (which hospitals didn’t deem necessary since they cleared her of injury), and that she refused to perform at ‘Music Bank‘ and threw her crutches to make a scene of it. Honestly, I don’t know how many more people have to corroborate some version of these events.

Regardless, the point is that KKS handled it in the worst way possible, which was hiding the truth. He now says he recognizes that mistake, but even at the time in the middle of the mess, it’s hard to figure how he thought it wouldn’t be worth it.

“I think my greatest mistake at the time was not revealing the truth clearly. When rumors of bullying spread, I thought there was nothing for us to apologize for because we had done nothing wrong. I thought that things would quiet down if we just stayed still. “As the issue grew bigger, the T-ara members’ parents suggested that we make public the messages that Hyoyoung had sent to Areum. However, I disagreed and persuaded the parents that we shouldn’t fight each other in public. When the issue got further out of control, the agency staff and managers told me that the T-ara members needed a break, but again I didn’t listen. I thought that since T-ara hadn’t done anything wrong, it would look like admitting guilt if we put them on hiatus. We promoted more heavily with the thought that we had to endure the hardships now. However, as a result the public turned even more against T-ara. Thinking about it now, T-ara didn’t do anything wrong. I made a serious mistake.”

“When Hwayoung and Hyoyoung went on the show ‘Taxi’ and spoke as if they were the victims, I felt so sorry to T-ara. If I’d been more patient in July 2012, T-ara wouldn’t have suffered for so many years… Much of the truth came to light when Hyoyoung’s messages to Areum were revealed, but the past has left a deep impression on the public and there are many that still don’t believe the T-ara members.”

So to recap, Kim Kwang Soo got people who were crazy enough to file legal lawsuits against the company to get at T-ara to back off by telling the truth with receipts. Yet he apparently didn’t think that maybe it would get the public to back off T-ara a bit by putting that out in the open. Instead, he apparently tried to have his cake and eat it too by trying to protect the snake twins for some stupid reason and also hoping everything would just go away for T-ara, thereby losing a gigantic asset to his company cause he wouldn’t bring himself at any point to just tell the fucking truth.

Oh, but at least now he regrets it.

My god.


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