Seolhyun unfollowed a bunch of people on Instagram, then people did the most

AOA‘s Seolhyun recently went on an unfollowing spree on Instagram, dropping like 50 people. Given that she still follows over 400, god knows it’s understandable.

Still, this somehow turned into a big deal, as some interpreted this as her becoming a feminist because of the people who she unfollowed and followed.

She unfollowed IU, Yoo Byungjae, Yoo Ah-in, Jo Seho and Onew all in one shot and followed Luna instead ㄷㄷShe followed everyone who had some sort of controversy related to feminism and followed Luna who was advocating it. Looking at it, I think that she made it clear that she’s choosing to walk the feminism pathㅋㅋ Doing this as a female idol must not be easy… she’s cool

This later spread to the media, with people focusing on IU and Yoo Byung Jae to question whether it was about feminism, because they are two massive names and feminism is a hot button issue at the moment.

Meanwhile, nobody involved in this has said … anything. Right now it’s just some shit a group of netizens got excited over and started pushing because it fits a reality they want. And the people doing the most pushing are exceedingly dumb, honestly. Like okay, so following Luna is key, right?

Thing is IU follows Luna as well, and uh … Luna followed her.


Most importantly, people who hate IU are going full bore with this, apparently still either pretending not to understand the “Twenty-Three” music video or actually being obtuse enough to really not understand it.

Out of all the things for people to dislike a celebrity for, claiming “Twenty-Three” promotes ‘lolita’ when the whole point of the music video was to confront people’s idealized image of her and call people out who push her into one box or another is just … amazing. Perhaps even worse is the ‘My Ahjussi‘ shit they’re stirring when the drama went about as exactly as they said it would in regards to any love line. Like this shit is just blatantly false.

Anyway, thankfully that doesn’t seem representative (for now, at least) of how most people feel about this alleged issue, as many are rightfully criticizing netizens and the media for shit-stirring. However, it just gives you an idea of how far the reach of certain netizens who really want this war among high-profile female celebrities to happen cause that would be extremely productive for feminism or something.


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