IU & ‘My Ahjussi’ somehow in controversy because her character got assaulted by a loan shark

In utterly baffling controversy news, IU and her drama ‘My Ahjussi‘ are in a mess because IU’s character in the drama gets assaulted by a loan shark.

On March 21, the first episode of the new tvN drama aired. One scene of the episode showed Jang Ki Yong (Lee Kwang Il) threatening and violently beating IU (Lee Ji Ahn) who borrowed money from him. The scene was quite gruesome with blood and violence. As a result, many viewers filed complaints about the scene being too violent and pointed out it was very disturbing to see a girl with a tiny figure getting beat by a healthy young man. The scene was even reported to the Korea Communications Standards Commission. In response, the KCSC stated, “We have received many reports about ‘My Mister’… If deemed problematic, then we will take action according to the rules.”

Not sure why this is a problem. Depending on the theme of the show, violence could be necessary to tell the story. It’s not even rare.

Regardless, part of the reason this blew up is that netizens and the media apparently just decided to assume the characters were dating or had feelings for each other and proceeded to go after her and the show for glamorizing dating violence. So on a recent V Live broadcast with the cast of the show, IU denied any romance.

IU described the relationship between the two characters as “perhaps the most intense conflict in the drama.” She added, “They fought fiercely in the first episode, so she wouldn’t be able to love someone like that. Their story will slowly unfold.”

Right. I would understand the concern if they were glamorizing or normalizing this, but since that never happens … what is the issue here? I mean it’s a story. Shitty things happen to people and they’re telling that story. What the fuck.

Then again, this could be just some kind of hate boner for her and/or the show, as before ‘My Ahjussi’ was even aired, people assumed there would be romance with a huge age gap and hated on it.

“My Ahjussi” drew criticism ahead of its premiere when people suspected it may be a love story about a man in his 40s and a woman in her 20s.

The cast also clarified that by nicely stating that not fucking everything has to be a romance and it’s a human story.

Lee Sun Gyun clarified, “It’s not a love story, but a human story.” IU explained, “We’re not making a romance or fantasy drama, but telling a story about reality and people. It’s not a story that says, ‘Reality should be like this,’ and it’s not a beautification of reality. Rather, it’s a drama that says, ‘There is this kind of reality. How should we live?’”

Yeah … I … what? Honestly.

This clarification about sums it up for me.

I swear to god, IU just cannot use sarcasm (even while acting) without people reading the worst into it.

At some point one has to consider that this is a talent of hers or something. Like drawing out the stupidest members of society so assholes with blogs can clown on them for content.

IU … thank you.


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