Han Seo Hee announces that she’s quitting feminism or something, lol

Han Seo Hee, who is honestly a mess, has now said that she will no longer talk about feminism.

In an Instagram post on May 22, Han Seo Hee wrote, “I will stop any statement about feminism both online and offline as of today. I will also stop selling any merchandise with a feminism design.” She also added, “I don’t know what to do when I see those people who took advantage of my feminism support and stabbed the knife in my back. I have no power now handling those people. Please think of what you did, guys… I kept making statements even though people talked sh*t about me. At that time, you gave me compliments like ‘Wow… Seo Hee…’ Now, those same people are, ‘So…what? What did you do about feminism?’ People are pathetic.” Finally, she said, “I really regret what I’ve done. Due to feminism, I became a trash girl, and I had to go through many things, I didn’t get anything. You guys are also planning to stab in the back the female artists who spoke up about feminism this time, right? I hope you don’t do this to me only.”

I don’t know what exactly brought this on, but it’s primarily amusing to me because a small amount of people got mad at me for once suggesting that attaching feminism in Korea to her was a fucking mistake cause she’s just a mess and … well.


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