‘K-Pop Star 4’ winner Katie Kim reportedly leaves YG, preparing for debut at another company

Katie Kim, winner of reality competition ‘K-Pop Star 4‘, has reportedly left YG Entertainment after three years and is currently preparing for a debut at another company.

According to a news outlet on May 24, the “K-Pop Star 4” winner recently left YG Entertainment and is preparing for her debut at another agency. As the winner of “K-Pop Star 4,” one of the prizes was the opportunity to choose between JYP Entertainment, YG Entertainment, and Antenna Music and release a debut album. She chose YG Entertainment and joined the agency in 2015.

A trainee leaving a company without debuting isn’t all that newsworthy normally, but she won the damn show and this is coming off the back of YG not debuting ‘MIXNINE‘ as well.



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