Yang Ye Won explains texts revealed by photo studio, says whole story will come out in court

Yang Ye Won‘s allegations against a photo studio that they leaked her nude pictures and sexually assaulted her have come under fire recently. Despite an arrest being made in connection with the leaked nudes, old texts released by the photo studio showed inconsistencies in her story, most importantly that she was seemingly a more than willing participant in the shoots.

In the exclusive Money Today report, the outlet tried to contact her but could not get a response. However, SBS News managed to get on the phone with her for her side of the story. Basically she explained that she never gave permission to touch her or to wear the clothes they wanted her to wear, reiterating that they threatened her.

“Do you think I would be crazy to give them permission, to touch my body? I never told them to lay a hand on my body. I also never agreed to wear such an attire. They said, ‘I have your photos, think wisely.’ It sounded like nothing but a blackmail and so I had a big thought that I should not test their temper.”

So she says that everything still happened, and she explained that she contacted the studio only because she was desperate financially and basically felt trapped.

“At the time, it was very difficult financially. I gave up on myself because I had already been filmed/photographed shamefully. My life was ruined already, it was over, I gave up.”

In terms of the backlash that’s come out after the text exchanges were revealed, she stated that what’s public isn’t the whole story and things will be revealed in court.

“It’s hard to endure all the talk that’s been going around even though even though they don’t know [the whole story]. Everything will be revealed in court.”

Indeed, I’m curious to see what else comes out in court. Honestly, I don’t find her explanations that unbelievable or anything, but I think you have to admit that if texts going the opposite way were released showing that like the owner had pressured her into taking sessions, the comments around these parts would not be so forgiving.

That said, the shitty thing is that elsewhere it sure seems like everybody has already made up their minds, which seems a bit foolish given that we still don’t know a whole lot of anything.


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