[Review] 24K’s “Bonnie N Clyde” is a lot of noise just for the sake of being noisy

Oh, 24K. We’ve had a rough history together. For every impressive Only You, there’s been a disappointing Bingo. I appreciate this group’s passion and I respect any idol act who contributes to their own song composition, but I just don’t think 24K’s noisy sound will ever be for me.

New single “Bonnie N Clyde” wraps itself in layers of abrasive synths and aggressive percussion, throwing so much into the instrumental blender that the song threatens to lose any melodic through line. It’s designed as an aural assault, and definitely succeeds in that regard. But in an alternate reality, there exists a more streamlined version of this track that retains its punch while delivering more carefully calibrated hooks. As it stands, “Bonnie N Clyde” feels like a hype song for hype song’s sake. Its blustering energy kicks and flails around for three and a half minutes but leaves little in its wake.

On the plus side, the guys sound great. I love the raspy delivery during the chorus. I just wish it was in service to a more developed refrain. Even the song’s melodic moments don’t attempt anything particularly interesting, casting off tough guy posturing rather than opening up for a contrast to the instrumental’s overbearing arrangement. If you’re looking for something loud to get you going, this will get the job done. But even boisterous hype tracks like this can be nuanced, and “Bonnie N Clyde” would have benefited from a little more originality.


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