Comedian Han Sang Gyu thwarted kidnapping in domestic violence incident

Comedian Han Sang Gyu recently played the role of hero by preventing a kidnapping in a domestic violence incident.

According to Kyungnam police, a taxi driver ‘A’ was arrested for charges including detention on May 30. Back on May 25 at approximately 2 AM KST, ‘A’ forced his girlfriend who attempted to break up with him into his taxi, where he drove her from Busan to Kyungnam. While stopped in front of a traffic light, ‘A’s girlfriend ‘B’ exited the car to get away, after which ‘A’ chased her and tried to drag her back into the vehicle. Comedian Han Sang Gyu, who witnessed the scene while passing by due to his schedules, got out of his own vehicle and interfered, preventing ‘A’ from further action. Han Sang Gyu then called the police to the scene, rescuing ‘B’.

Honestly, reading the police description of the events makes me think he might’ve prevented an extremely bad outcome.


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