Fans show concern after EXID’s Solji deletes pics on Instagram, but worry may be premature

The Instagram account of EXID‘s Solji was sparse but normal of late as she continues to recover from health issues. However, that changed today when all of the photos were deleted except for five.

The timing was a bit suspicious as well, considering it was just after EXID announced their Japanese debut.

Additionally, the Japan showcase news states that only four members will attend, as Solji is still recovering. Some fans have grown understandably concerned about all this, especially considering they debuted in 2012, so their seven years are coming up.

That said, there are reasons to be hopeful as well. The primary one being that … well, it’s just fucking Instagram. People clear their shit all the time, and I remember LE doing this before without much noise. Furthermore, all the members still follow each other and she follows the group account, so it seems unlikely there’s any kind of beef there. Plus, the other four and the company have consistently said she’ll be returning, with EXID saying as much as recently as April and she herself updating fans in May.

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The concern is understandable, and quite frankly I’m sort of in that boat as well as this kind of stuff is frequently how it starts, but there’s enough that simply hasn’t happened yet where it can be reasonably dismissed as nothing. Here’s hoping she does return at some point given how great their last reunion on stage was.


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