‘Produce 48’ will only allow Koreans to vote, group to have no quotas (12 members) + a teaser with mess already

As ‘Produce 48‘ is set to broadcast, the format of the show has been revealed, and it’s gonna be a mess. The final group will have 12 members, but will not have quotas in terms of country of origin, and only Korea will get to vote.

What could go wrong?

The first eliminations are gonna be like every Japanese contestant except Miyawaki Sakura, Matsui Jurina, and a few others like Goto Moe or something.

Mnet also dropped a teaser, and it’s already promising glorious mess.


But hey, look, I want mess out of these things, not like fairness, so I can’t say this kinda shit isn’t gonna result in what I want.


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