C Jamm told police he used weed for the music, allegedly purchased ~$15,000 worth

C Jamm, who was recently charged for marijuana use, is now headed to trial. The surprising thing is that it’s not only for smoking weed (and using ecstasy, but those charges were dropped), but allegedly for buying $15,000 worth of it and also doing cocaine.

C Jamm allegedly, from the period of February 2017 to April 2018, purchased a total of 112 grams of marijuana from a seller at the price of 16,050,000 won (approximately $14,900) across 10 separate instances. Moreover, he is also facing charges for use of marijuana three times alongside rapper VASCO and four other aspiring celebrities during the period of May 2015 through April 2018, and in October 2017, of using 0.5 grams of cocaine.

That’s … a lot for 112 grams, right?

Initially, the charges were for 13 instances of using marijuana as well as one instance of using ecstasy. However, the ecstasy and 10 instances of marijuana use were unable to be confirmed in a hair follicle test, so that portion of the charges were dropped. A source from the prosecution said, “C Jamm and others testified that when they were purchasing marijuana, they also received and used a small amount of ecstasy for free, but whether because it wasn’t actually ecstasy, it did not show up in the test results.”

Why? For the music, baybee.

In a statement to police, C Jamm said, “I did it because I thought it was helpful when creating music.”

I basically don’t care about drug use, but these cases are hilarious mainly because of the excuses they tell authorities afterward.


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