TWICE superfan is a former bosozoku who credits the group with a lifestyle change

In a story that’s too good for me to even care if it’s legit or not, a Japanese fan of TWICE recently shared on Twitter his personal story of transformation from bosozoku motorcycle gang member to upstanding otaku citizen because of TWICE.

He claims that after stumbling upon TWICE, he realized he could make a change.

Two years ago, I would not have dreamed of being an otaku fan. Two years ago, I would have never dreamed of holding a lightstick, uchiwa, and singing fanchants instead of holding an accelerator and a clutch. I’m saying that the things you value and find fun are bound to change. You must be open to learning new things.

TWICE impact.

This is a goddamn manga plot, right? Dude is like ‘Great Teacher Onizuka‘ or something.

Damn I want to watch the show again, this reference was a mistake.


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