BLACKPINK drops “DDU-DU DDU-DU” dance practice, YG said he found debut stage lacking

BLACKPINK recently dropped a dance practice video for their “DDU-DU DDU-DU” comeback song.

They are certainly a visual group, but despite the fierce nature of it, seeing it like this with just the dancing … the choreography is surprising mediocre? Eh.

Perhaps that explains why Jennie said on ‘Suhyun’s Volume Up‘ that YG didn’t like their ‘Inkigayo‘ comeback stage.

DJ Suhyun then asked about Yang Hyun Suk’s reaction. Jennie answered, “He monitored for us and told us to do better. He said it was a bit lacking but he knew it was getting a good reaction from others and encouraged us. I think sajangnim is expecting more from us and want us to show a more perfect stage. So we once again promised ourselves to work even harder next week.”

It’s YG, so I’m more than willing to shit on him, but the sad part is that it seems like he was right. Goddammit.

Didn’t quite hae that charisma to push the choreography into something good.


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