[Review] DAY6 feel at home in Japan with their renewed energy in “Stop The Rain”

Only a day before their Korean comeback, DAY6 will drop their second original Japanese single. Japan seems like a natural fit for the group, as the country’s rock scene is still thriving amidst the arrival of trendier genres. And with “Stop The Rain“, the band has released a solid follow-up to March’s If (We Meet Again).

As last year’s ‘Every DAY6‘ project unfolded in Korea, I began to fear that the group had gotten stuck in an OST ballad rut, but their Japanese material has been a breath of fresh air. “Stop The Rain” isn’t quite as punchy as their most uptempo work, but its sturdy frame has a nice pulse to it. The track casts the guys in a broody light, yet never feels overly melancholic. The constant barrage of drums certainly helps, driving the chorus with an unexpected ferocity. We also get a blistering guitar solo right before the bridge, reminding us just how tight the band’s musicianship has been since debut.

Melodically, “Stop The Rain” doesn’t take many chances. If you’ve heard any mainstream radio rock from the past twenty years, you already know how the song sounds. Its surging chorus is easy on the ears, if a bit repetitive. The verses are better, moving from a driving intensity to a more hesitant delivery the second time around. Through it all, the guys leave nothing on the table when it comes to vocals. They attack the song with a force that verges on straining, but complements “Stop The Rain”‘s anxious energy.

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