Nilo gets trolled after poor concert sales & then cancels, agency denies that’s what happened

Despite the dastardly charges of sajaegi leveled against the industry hero, innocent oppar Nilo pushed forth with a ‘FEEL SO GOOD LIVE CONCERT‘ along with Penomeco and Babylon. The problem? Well, it turns out the concert didn’t sell, and then trolls began purchasing tickets to send him messages through the seating arrangements, specifically “manipulation“, “fucking retard“, and a middle finger.

So yeah, things were going swimmingly.

Eventually the concert was cancelled, but Limez Entertainment disputed the notion that such a totally mega-popular artist wouldn’t be able to sell, saying that the trolls ruined it for everybody.

Nilo’s agency stated, “An unspecified number of people have been repeatedly using ‘No-Show’ tactics of reserving tickets and then cancelling them. This has hindered actual concertgoers from reserving tickets for the concert,” and “The concert production team contacted us and informed us that the concert was cancelled as they could not move forward under such conditions.”

Welp, that’s that.



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