‘Produce 48’ company audition & solo fancam videos + contestant popularity & ratings

While I sure as shit am not going to compile and post all the videos for the company auditions and solo fancams from ‘Produce 48‘, thankfully other people did, and you can go watch them to get a better grasp of things outside of Mnet editing.

Produce 48 Company Evaluation Performances
byu/tastetherainbeau inProduce48

PRODUCE48 – 내꺼야 (PICK ME) (Individual Eye Contact Cams)
byu/sunnyXtzuyu inkpop

Additionally, I found the likes and views on Naver of interest, as it gives you an idea of the popularity of the contestants in Korea.

Company Evaluations – Naver & YouTube Likes
by inProduce48

Nekkoya Solo Video – Naver Likes+Views
by inProduce48

As far as the ratings go, they’re quite strong through the first two episodes. The second episode is close to ‘Broduce 101‘ and above ‘Produce 101‘, it’s just a matter of whether it can settle in the ~3% range like those shows did.

Even if it doesn’t reach those exact heights, it’s safe to say the boycott has not gone well.



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