‘Produce 48’ Episode 3: The drama level increases as Mnet’s famous editing takes center stage

Okay, so I sort of understand why people love the ‘Produce‘ series now, as ‘Produce 48‘ is getting more entertaining with Mnet‘s honestly comical editing. In episode three, they complete the re-evaluation judging, announce the grade changes, and start the group performances.

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While they showed the judges making comments on the re-evaluation videos last episode, they didn’t show the results, but we got them at the start of this at least.

Well, after they had a compilation of the contestants talking to family and crying to extract maximum investment from viewers.



Maybe for their “talent” some of that is shocking, but if you look at the evaluation videos, I don’t think they were all that surprising.

They then choose the center, which was hilariously overdramatic, like Miyawaki Sakura and Kaeun were in a boxing mega-fight or some shit.

Next up was choosing their groups and the groups they face.

Lots of running and drama over the songs, not enough suplexing and cat fights.

Rather hilariously, nobody wanted GFriend‘s “Love Whisper“, and nobody who got stuck with it wanted Yuju‘s high note. They were basically the only two groups who had reluctant centers instead of people arguing for it. Understandable.


Anyway, they then moved on to the performances of “Love Whisper” themselves.

One thing that stood out was that AKS contestants were quite competent after having choreography drilled into their brains. I’m not that shocked, as not many in K-pop are naturally gifted dancers and it comes down to hard work, and I think most in AKS are used to that aspect.

Most importantly, was Yabuki Nako‘s star rising. She almost outscored the entire other group by herself.


She is surprisingly cute as well, so it’s basically a lock she’s making a huge jump.

Anyway, when I watched the performances live I thought it was a fair result, and a rewatch did little to change my mind. They were just marginally better, but at every facet.

The show moved onto the “Peek-A-Boo” performances next, which is when Mnet’s magic truly shined.


Fucking lol. They replayed Jang Gyuri‘s seemingly minor warble like five times with reaction shots from fellow contestants acting like she just stabbed a bitch in the neck on live television.


Speaking of the devil, the preview for episode four alludes to even better shit, with Soyu bitching out Sakura.

Most importantly, I learned Korea does have the memes about Bae Yoon Jung wanting to hit that.



Look man, whatever happens, I feel like we can get a Nakanishi Chiyori variety show appearance out of this or something. She is glorious.

Chiba Erii is so terrible at the skills stuff but is so cute.

Must protecc.

I think Ahn Yujin is my favorite Korean contestant.

Takeuchi Miyu making the most out of her 10 seconds of screentime.




Rankings update!

Kaeun continues to dominate, as Sakura moved up a bit to stabilize her ranking. Yamada Noe‘s popularity is understandable but still a bit surprising to me. Matsui Jurina is barely clinging on, which would seem worrying, but her fancam just went a bit viral so I expect her to do better soon.

Show boycott status.


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