Starship & Yuehua insist Meiqi & Xuanyi will comeback with WJSN during Rocket Girls contract

After early conflict between Starship Entertainment and ‘Produce 101 China‘ on the status of WJSN members Meiqi and Xuanyi, Tencent stepped up to clarify that they would be exclusively Rocket Girls for two years. However, recently Starship and Yuehua Entertainment again said that the duo will be returning to WJSN.

WJSN’s agencies Starship Entertainment and Yuehua Entertainment responded to this in an official statement on July 3. “We contracted with Tencent of the Chinese program so that they can simultaneously promote with both groups, and their claim for non-simultaneous promotions is different from the initial contract.” The statement adds, “Tencent changing their Weibo nicknames without discussion with our agencies is an action that goes against the contract, and we request that they make the appropriate corrections quickly.” The agencies continue, “As much as Tencent is the largest social media platform in China, we hope that they will follow the contract and that our opinions can match as in the agreement.” Starship and Yuehua also stated once again, “In accordance to the contract, Mei Qi and Xuan Yi will make a comeback with WJSN in the second half of this year.”

The drama will get juicy if it gets to the point of a contract dispute, which could happen if Rocket Girls have constant promotions over the next two years, and that seems kinda likely.

Honestly, given their living conditions and rumored pay for Rocket Girls … do they even want to return?


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