Asian Boss takes to the streets to ask people about the rise of feminism in Korea

Given that feminism in Korea is a topic relevant enough in society at the moment that it has created issues within pop culture and that I felt compelled to do somewhat of an explainer about the current atmosphere, it seems appropriate to post this video from Asian Boss where they interview Koreans on the street for their take on feminism.

So much publicity regarding feminism in Korea has been given to messy radfem communities that I found the video refreshing in that it was nice to hear from women who were pretty obviously feminists but not the type that the public would typically associate with those who end up as bombastic headline news stories in Korea. Heck, even those in the video who were against feminism or were skeptical about it were better representations of the typical pushback happening in Korea compared to some of the movie villain shit you read in the press. Basically just thought it was a useful video for further context.

Anyway, I honestly don’t have high hopes for the comment section, but at least try to prove me wrong by not making a complete shitfest out of it.


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