[Update] Dispatch reports WINNER’s Mino follows controversial Instagram, he trends, clarifications posted

Dispatch recently released an article highlighting WINNER‘s Mino and him following the Instagram account ‘prettypuke‘, which is run by photographer Miller Rodriguez. The account in question is accused by of being pornographic and having photos that constitute pedophilia, and Dispatch says that Rodriguez’s site is blocked by the Korean government. The account is private now, but Dispatch captured a couple photos of the content.

Additionally, international netizens said that Mino’s lyrics for “Turn Off The Lights” could be interpreted as an ode to desiring sex with young girls.

It actually wasn’t Korean netizens that made this an issue, as the story barely registered as anything there. Rather, it went viral among international netizens on Twitter and actually got ‘Mino’ trending worldwide.


Not long after the mess got underway, clarifications about Mino’s involvement with the account were brought up. They pointed out that he initially followed the account way back in 2015, supposedly before there was anything on the account.

If there was nothing on the account, then why would Mino follow, right? Apparently because Rodriguez has a YG Entertainment connection through doing work on CL‘s “Dr. Pepper” music video.


Additionally, they pointed out that people were getting the lyrics to “Turn Off The Lights” all wrong.

Additionally, they state that neither Rodriguez’s site nor account is blocked in Korea either.

Yeah, okay. Wow.

That account got rather fucked up once the child and the buttplug photo got posted, but before it just seemed like one of those edgy aesthetic Tumblr deals. That said, Mino appears to have followed three years ago due to a connection through YGE and didn’t ever interact with the account, so it’s kinda hard to say that because he didn’t actively unfollow then he therefore co-signs on everything. If Mino liked and commented on stuff, then it would be another thing altogether, but just passively following makes it a reach to me. Honestly would not be surprised if he rarely saw the stuff the account was putting out.

As far as the lyrics of Mino’s song go, I definitely have to agree with DKDKTV in that Mino was talking about a naive girl rather than an underage girl. Quite frankly, anybody selling the lyrics as some kind of pedophile yearning is full of shit. It’s more like a somewhat awkwardly expressed sex song, which is … not uncommon (unfortunately).

Anyway, the outrage at the account is understandable and deserved (people defending the account should be called out, IMO), so I get why this blew up and why the issue may be personal to a lot of people. But acting like Mino endorsed the account or is outright a pedophile sure seems like a hell of a reach. While I would definitely prefer if Mino (and YGE at large) would disassociate himself from the account now, as far as Dispatch and international netizens trying to nail him to the wall for this, I just don’t think there’s as much there as people believe.



Mino now follows nobody on Instagram.


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