[Review] 015B & Youra prove to be an ideal combo on exceptional “My Hair Is Green”

My Hair Is Green“, a collab between 015B and Youra, is one of those gems I just happened to stumble upon while sifting through the endless amounts of uninteresting dreck being released.

015B’s instrumental sets “My Hair Is Green” up for success, as the melodies are constantly changing and the same goes for the tempo. Those switches were surprisingly implemented in a way that felt seamless, and it helped keep me thoroughly engaged throughout and gave the song excellent replay value.

While I usually am a fan of constant energy, I liked the choice to take the foot off the gas for the start of the verses, as it allowed Youra’s detached, echoing vocal to shine with less noise to compete with. Melodically, the chorus is rather uncomplicated, but it’s also undeniably foot-tapping in its simplicity. That’s only complimented by Youra’s excellent and unique delivery of the catchy refrains, which helps make the whole effort memorable.


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