Actor Lee Seo Won pleads guilty to sexual harassment & making threats with knife, says he was drunk

Actor Lee Seo Won pleaded guilty to charges of sexual harassment and criminal threatening in court recently. However, his lawyer has requested leniency based on the fact that he was drunk.

On July 12, the actor attended his first trial at the Seoul Eastern District Court. Before the trial began, he addressed the press directly and remarked, “I apologize to the public for causing a scandal.” During the trial, Lee Seo Won’s attorney stated, “Because there was DNA evidence found in this case and because the incident did, in fact, take place, there is no room for excuses or denial, and we acknowledge [the defendant’s] guilt. However, the defendant is unable to remember anything [from the incident]. The victim herself has stated, ‘[Lee Seo Won] was not in control of his body [due to intoxication].’ I do not understand how he was able to harass her and make threats in such a state.” The court then asked the defense attorney to clarify whether Lee Seo Won was pleading guilty to the charges against him. The attorney confirmed that the actor was pleading guilty to all charges, but requesting a lenient sentence in light of his diminished mental and physical faculties at the time of the incident. “We admit to the charges, but assert that [the defendant was suffering from] a loss of his faculties,” replied Lee Seo Won’s attorney. “What we will be contesting is the severity of his punishment.”

Things were bad enough when the report emerged initially, but got even worse when it was revealed the weapon in question was a knife. Anybody could’ve predicted that the defense would use alcohol as an excuse, as that’s basically the default thing to blame, but one would hope the court would consider why his instinct would be to do what he did when drunk or … ever.


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