MOMOLAND do eye contact video, dance with Na Ha Eun, make individual fancams for “BAAM”

MOMOLAND continue to release content for “BAAM“, and I’m not complaining as it’s definitely held up for me thus far. Though I suppose a T-ara fan liking a throwback T-ara song isn’t exactly a surprise.

Anyway, they recently released an eye contact dance practice, which they are calling a moving version or something. Uh … sure.

Besides Yeonwoo and JooE, I’m starting to like whoever that girl is that looks like an elf. Love these big-eared women, I think that’s a thing.

For some reason, they also did a collab dance practice video with popular child dancer Na Ha Eun, and they even performed with her in public.

Gonna guess she becomes a trainee or something sooner than later.

Additionally, in stuff I apparently missed, MOMOLAND dropped individual fancams. Wow. I need every group to do this ASAP.


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