Video of Johnny & Ten seemingly told to stop using English by NCT managers trends

NCT members Johnny and Ten ended up trending on Twitter for a bit after a clip of them happily speaking English with each other and then being abruptly cut off by managers blew up a little.

Definitely shitty to see them having fun joking around with each other and then immediately being stone-faced after somebody off camera told them to cut the shit. Anyway, fans got real mad at the managers online, basically.

Maybe there’s an explanation, but this feels less about one specific incident and more about how SM Entertainment in general seems to handle these things. Nobody should be under any illusions that idol interactions aren’t heavily supervised and/or scripted by managers, but man it sure sucks that the point of doing this is to connect with fans from all over in a casual manner and having the entire mood ruined cause the idols temporarily strayed from whatever they were supposed to be doing.

If it’s about the English, then it definitely reminds me of what ex-ChoColat member Melanie Lee said in her interview about constantly being told to act more Korean.


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