CL delivers a trio of obscured messages to YG on her Instagram

CL has been on quite the streak recently of making direct complaints about YG, and that (sorta) continued today when she took shots at him through her Instagram.

The cat is wearing a hat that says “boss”, and if you zoom in a bit, there’s other messages written in white on the cat. They basically say “you’re ridiculous (or ‘you’re funny’)”, “do it (or ‘do whatever’)”, and “do whatever you want”.

It seems like either she wants out of YG Entertainment but can’t leave due to being under contract and is trying to get freedom through going public or she figured out from other groups that the only way to get YG to do anything is to make it a borderline public embarrassment for him and is now trying to get him to do anything for her that way. Either way … it seems telling.


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