Netizens upset at Wiz Khalifa’s “Hot Now” for lyrics that mock Korean eyes

Korean netizens are upset at Wiz Khalifa‘s “Hot Now” because of a lyric in which he mocks the size of Korean eyes, saying, “Smoke got my eyes lookin’ Korean.

Yeah, I mean it’s pretty racist. Reverse it if that somehow confuses you.

Granted, I totally understand people who read the headline and laugh at this, pointing out that Korea (and Asia) are frequently racist to black people. They aren’t wrong either. Obviously I agree with that, as I have no problem covering those in Korean entertainment (and Asian entertainment) who do racist shit.

That said, some stuff people do is telling in terms of them enjoying Asian entertainment but not giving a shit about Asian people as well.

Like it’s honestly fascinating to get angry messages asking why I continue to cover idols who have done problematic things, but their profile shows them fucking with Migos or honestly a ton of others. They don’t think about it because it’s just … normal. Nobody cares, so I don’t blame them cause it’s never blown up into an issue.

Anyway, my point being that shitty things can be called out and recognized as shitty without everybody resorting to arguments about who started it or whatever else.

Oh yeah, get your Taeyeon Teyeon jokes in early, folks.


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