P-Goon (ex-TOPP DOGG) & Yumin (ex-RANIA) set to get married next month out of nowhere

Former TOPP DOGG member P-Goon and former Rania member Yumin had their relationship, engagement, and marriage (probably pregnancy as well) news revealed all at once.

On July 17, industry representatives reported that former ToppDogg member P-Goon and former Rania member Yumin are holding their wedding next month. Hunus Entertainment, the agency of ToppDogg (now XENO-T), commented, “P-Goon and Yumin are getting married at a wedding hall in Gangnam on August 25. Please send blessings for their days ahead.”

P-Goon left TOPP DOGG in September of last year, and at the time Hunus Entertainment said he would be enlisting in the military and then work to become an actor afterward. Meanwhile, Yumin just left Rania in May, with DR Music saying she has “recently been faced with circumstances that make it increasingly hard for her to follow the extremely demanding team schedule“. So yeah, all signs seem pointed toward an obvious conclusion.

The news definitely came out of nowhere and was shocking despite their relative lack of notoriety, for me at least.


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