Interpol/police reportedly set to make arrest in A Pink bomb threat case

In well-about-fucking-time news, the man who made constant bomb threats against A Pink is reportedly set to be arrested by Interpol/police.

According to reports on July 17, Interpol will be soon arresting the perpetrator, who’s been discovered to be a Korean-American man in his early 30s living in Canada. Since June of 2017, he’s made over 10 death threats against A Pink. He’s also called the police to events attended by A Pink on numerous occasions, falsely claiming there were bombs on location.

Yeah, it got to the point where the bomb threats became such a regular thing that it was hard to keep track of the exact amount of bomb threats. Hopefully this finally turns out to be the end of the saga that’s lasted far too long, but then again authorities have promised to track this dude down for a while now and nothing has come of it.

Still bizarre to me how some Korean netizens and subsequently Netizen Buzz continued to push the doing-it-for-media-play narrative even after authorities got involved.


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