JYP says companies are planning to request investigation over sajaegi … just like in 2013


JYP took to Instagram recently to address the issue of sajaegi, seemingly in response to SHAUN‘s recent unexpected rise, saying that companies are planning to request investigations into the matter.

Fair competition and evaluation is the cornerstone for any industry. Recently there are suspicions regarding music chart fabrication and it’s hurting all parties related to it. We heard there’re already requests made to the Ministry of culture, sports and tourism by another company. We are currently discussing this matter with other companies and planning to request investigations to the Ministry of culture, sports and tourism and the KFTC. Depending on the result we are planning to take this to the prosecutors’ office. Hope these suspicions get cleared so we can all go back to our real job.

Cool, hopefully it works, I guess.

On that note, remember when JYP Entertainment, YG Entertainment, SM Entertainment, Star Empire Entertainment, Cube Entertainment, and FNC Entertainment joined back in 2013 to stamp out this issue once and for all? Good times. Though it’s almost as if that as long as real-time (and daily and probably weekly) charts exists, nothing will stop people from doing it.


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