Hyomin unveiled on ‘King Of Mask Singer’, accidentally cosplays as Crayon Shin-Chan

As was obvious to T-ara fans everywhere last week, Hyomin was one of the contestants on ‘King Of Mask Singer‘, and this week she covered Shin Hyo Bum‘s “I Love You“.

Unfortunately, she was eliminated and thus the reveal of her identity.


Anyway, she did well. Hopefully it at least makes the public a bit open minded about her solo capabilities.

Perhaps I buried the lede, however, which is that Hyomin went on V Live and tried to drop a hint about her solo comeback song, saying that the color of her clothes is the hint.

When asked for a hint about the song, she shared a glimpse of her clothes that had “a similar atmosphere as the title of the song” and said “the color is the hint.

The problem? Fans connected it to ‘Crayon Shin-Chan‘.

She then acknowledged this because my god it was perfect.

She even put a photoshop up on her Instagram Story.

I hope she pivots and sings a song about Crayon Shin-Chan now.


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