Reupload of Zico’s “Tough Cookie” MV excludes homophobic slur

Back in 2014, Zico made his solo debut with “Tough Cookie“, which ended up generating a lot of backlash for stuff like homophobic lyrics that went “you’re such a fa**ot bitch“. As a result, Seven Seasons ended up issuing a shitty apology.

On November 11, a representative of Seven Seasons revealed to OSEN, “[The word ‘f****t’] was not used for the intention of degrading homosexuals or homosexuality.”

The agency rep continued to explain, “The lyrics were borrowed only for musicality purposes to be used as a musical narrative. Had we known exactly that this word carried a deprecating meaning toward homosexuality, we would have strictly censored it. Zico himself has stated that just as he has continued to do music freely, he holds absolutely no kind of prejudice or negative intentions against anything regarding homosexuality, and respects sexual minorities. We would like to once again let you know that there was no objective to belittle homosexuals at all. We offer our deepest, sincerest apologies to everyone who felt offended by this.”

Recently though, for whatever reason, the music video was reuploaded. While they can’t exactly reshoot the music video now, at least they ended up removing said homophobic lyrics (~2:58).

I can only assume that KPOPALYPSE‘s relentless owning of Netizen Buzz via comparing the explainers over this mess to when they witchhunt every other idol led to Zico reconsidering.

Faggot Bitch – an iconic phrase coined by Zico of Block B in his rap song “Tough Cookie“. Don’t worry kids – he’s not anti-gay! According to Netizenbuzz, “Faggot” just means “loser” or “idiot”, so it’s totally acceptable to say “faggot bitch” at any moment. Getting offended about it is just getting a bit carried away, after all who would be offended by the word “loser”? Feel free to use the phrase “faggot bitch” informally with friends, lovers and acquaintances as well as in polite company, when landing that important business deal, to lighten the mood at the dinner table with your significant other’s parents, when ordering food from a flight attendant or at any other moment. Gosh, it’s good that Netizenbuzz has explained this clearly so nobody hates on Zico, the poor kid has enough pressure from all those people upset about his Confederate-flag-waving.

Pretty sure Zico stopped saying the slur after he got called out, but this was probably for the best anyway. Also for the best is that he does less of this tryhard mess nowadays, probably because now everybody accepts him as a successful rapper and he doesn’t have to overcompensate or whatever the shit he was doing.


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