Park Bom reportedly joins D-NATION, could make a comeback as soon as November

After a bunch of speculation led by Park Bom herself, reports have emerged confirming that she has joined a new company called D-NATION.

The singer is reported to have joined a new management company named D-NATION which is lead by producer Scotty Kim and creative director Ray Yeom. Scotty Kim, the head of D-NATION, was a part of a producer group in the United States and worked on songs for famous singers like Kelly Clarkson and Teddy Riley. In addition to Park Bom, the entertainment company plans on debuting a boy group, a girl group, and is preparing to manage actors as well.

Perhaps more importantly, she may release new music as soon as November.

According to reports, Park Bom will release a new album in November at the earliest. They are also planning on releasing overseas albums.

Well, I’m glad she’s going to continue on with music as she desires. Also extremely curious to see what the reception will be on the charts, mainly in Korea versus internationally.


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