Dreamcatcher are having a fanmeeting in Los Angeles while they’re in town for KCON

Dreamcatcher have revealed a fanmeeting in Los Angeles recently that’s being put together by the international fansite 7-Dreamers, and it’ll take place while they’re in town for their KCON Los Angeles appearance.

When: Friday August 10th, from 11am to 1pm
Where: A-list Music & Co, 423 E. Washington BLVD. LA, CA
– 125 seated tickets (on sale Friday July 27th, 10am PST)
– standing tickets (on sale Sunday July 29th, 10am PST)

As many people as possible should go so that the girls feel the love, so that they might choose Los Angeles as a touring location, and also so maybe they can make money and/or charge a higher fee going forward so they don’t have to eat dinner out of trash cans anymore.

Honestly, I will be impressed if 7-Dreamers manage to pull this off without a hitch. That’s not a shot at them or Dreamcatcher or Happyface Entertainment, just recognizing that the reality of trying to put together events like this are difficult enough, and frequently miscommunications due to language barrier make things end in disaster. Hoping things go smoothly so this kind of stuff can become more frequent.

Especially in case I can’t go cause of work, I want to say if anybody truly can’t afford to go but wants to, then I’ll pay the fee for you. However, then I’m gonna get a ton of people lying for free money. We’ll see.


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