Netizens continue to insist they know Davichi’s relationship better than Davichi do

Davichi have been together since 2008 and are comprised of Kang Minkyung and Lee Haeri. As many know, they are primarily a ballad group, so I could hardly be classified as their biggest fan. Yet as Korean netizen bullshit continually piled up and was translated by Netizen Buzz, thus making international netizens believe said bullshit, even way back in 2015 I felt the need to talk about how creepy it was that everybody was basically projecting their own interpersonal relationship problems onto them.

Look at all the fucking projection on both sides of the coin, from the K-netizens above to the I-netizens below.

“I know women that treat me like this in real life, and now I’ve found a celebrity that reminds me of them. I feel comfortable judging said celebrity based on out-of-context jokes on talk shows and reality shows, and SNS posts that I cherry-pick. I’m thus going to unload all my bitterness onto this celebrity.”

Okay, but why rehash that now, right? Literally because in a recent interview Davichi said they haven’t fought in 10 years. That led to netizens dredging up stuff like Minkyung joking about Haeri looking like a staff member when they first met — getting big mad about this honestly makes me think these people don’t have friends — and the “nude” photo controversy — which was basically a story exaggerated for variety and “nude” literally meant they were in the nude but covered, just like “topless” frequently means topless and having your back turned to the camera.

“As for the people talking about the nude pictures, we were at a hot spring and only our neck and heads could be seen. In my pictures, I look good. Lee Hae Ri was a bit embarrassed by her no-makeup face, so she hid at the resort. The next day, she forgot about it and didn’t mention it.”

For the other stuff, the evidence that they hate each other or that Minkyung is a bitch to Haeri just isn’t there. It’s mainly netizens overanalyzing every detail of Davichi’s social media posts and variety show appearances to find what they want to find, yet if Davichi actually had any issues then they had many chances to tell one another to fuck off.

All of the speculation that goes on is despite the fact that the two have had ample opportunity to breakup if they wanted. In 2012, when they went back and forth between defecting to create their own label or coming back to Core Contents Media, they did it together. Then in 2014, when they left CCM for MMO Entertainment, they did it together again. The rumors persist despite every interview Haeri has given where she’s said Min Kyung is like a sister to her. Of course, that could all be bullshit, but: 1) it’s still more substantive than the make-believe evidence netizens have (and certainly the contract stuff is) 2) if they hated each other, why the hell would they spend their free-time vacationing together in France and shit 3) this is all odd because years ago I remember I would get annoyed by all the stories about how they got along so well.

There’s no pressure for them to pretend to be close at this point, as people would probably actually prefer if they weren’t and both went solo. Most importantly, they went through contract strife twice with a historically horrific company — where even friends go separate ways — and stuck together.

Honestly, I feel like people need to understand that the reason for all this mess likely traces back to Minkyung being “outed” as an “iljin” pre-debut, cause she was drinking underage with friends or whatever. That colors every interpretation of her actions now — with an assist from misogyny you can see in the ‘women can’t get along’ narrative and men being able to crack jokes about the other being ugly with no backlash — as other celebrities would likely just get a laugh out of similar quotes and actions and nothing more.

Do I know their true relationship? No, maybe everybody is right and they hate each other in secret, but based on everything I’ve seen there’s a ton more reason to think they’re simply close friends. So until there’s anything substantial and not just reaching, I feel like people honestly need to get a life and leave them alone to be friends in peace.


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