Holland’s “I’m So Afraid” (title threw me) thrives thanks to solid production

Goddammit, I confused “I’m Not Afraid” with “I’m So Afraid” and didn’t even realize they were different. People sent requests for coverage for “I’m So Afraid” into tips, and I thought to myself, “Man, these dumb motherfuckers don’t even check the site, we already reviewed ‘I’m Not Afraid’.” I’ll take the L on this one.

Anyway, “I’m So Afraid” continues Holland’s ascent as far as I’m concerned. His importance in the industry is obvious just from an existence standpoint, but “Neverland” was thoroughly mediocre musically. From there, the production was so much better on “I’m Not Afraid” and it’s arguably at its best here. “I’m So Afraid” actually starts off lame as shit, and I thought we were gonna go back down the boring route, but it only got better from there thanks to synth-heavy attack that provided a pleasantly surprising experience.

While it’s fair to say his vocals still lag behind, a ton of artists compensate for that kind of stuff with standout production, and Holland should be able to as well if he can continue pumping out stuff like this.


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