MASC’s Chibin writes message to unnamed hyung who assaulted him

MASC member Chibin took to Instagram recently to send out a message to an unnamed ‘hyung‘, appearing to recall a day where he was assaulted by this person to the point he was bleeding and scarred, saying that he unfortunately still has to remember even if the hyung has tried to just move on.

“I guess you have made a sin but want to escape. Hyung, I guess you have no intentions to apologize for the pain in my heart and body that you have caused that day. Hyung you are the only one I’ve unfollowed. The reason? Because I’m getting goosebumps thinking about how you will be uploading posts as if nothing happened. I’m sure you will be reading my post. If you think I’m fine then that’s a big mistake and misunderstanding. That day comes back to my mind when I turn off the lights and lay in bed at night. I still have scars on my face. Don’t think the past is just the past. I can’t forget that day. The day when I cried while soaking in the rain and watching my blood drip…”

One hopes this isn’t the case here, but what he describes reminds me of Lee Seo Kyu‘s situation from last year where he was assaulted by former group members, who were charged and fined.

If Chibin’s story is legit and he wants to go in the legal direction, hopefully he finds similar justice. For now, however, we don’t seem to even know who is being accused. That said, I get the feeling we’re about to find out.


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