‘Produce 48’ Episode 7: Position evaluation performances and actual drama … sorta

Oh shit, it’s time for another ‘Produce 48‘ recap, and we’re already onto episode seven, where the position evaluations continue.

Most importantly, I give my updated Top 12, which matters a lot and everybody should follow.

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SNSD – “Into The New World”

Thought Heo Yunjin‘s vocals were impressive, as I initially took a liking due to her personality (and looks), but she seems like a pretty complete package. Yabuki Nako can sing and I love her, but she can really only be given high notes. It seems like anything that dips below a certain range is just not great for her style and voice. Fortunately, every K-pop girl group sound needs comically high notes, so I guess it works. Goto Moe‘s vocals are adequate for like a visual but not much more, and I think that’s about why she’s in at the moment.

As far as the Yunjin and Nako “drama” that developed in terms of asking for center … who cares? Honestly, it doesn’t matter to me. Nako is nice and Yunjin was trying to angle for the best position (and probably was right for the group as well). That said, was it smart? No, as I’ve said before, the center position is rarely worth gunning for. And now Yunjin is getting backlash from overly sensitive viewers, especially because she went up against one of the most popular contestants. It’s not a big deal to ME because “attitude controversies” netizens generate rarely register as anything problematic, but it’s a problem for HER if these fucking idiots others feel differently.


Fitz And The Tantrums – “Handclap”

Kim Choyeon stood out, partially cause she remodeled her face with makeup changes, making her appear less harsh (though I liked it). Murase Sae also caught my eye because of how hot she looked. Other than that, the performance itself was rather okay-ish, and … that’s about it.


BTS – “The Truth Untold”

The thing about being in the girl group that the show produces is stuff like Takeuchi Miyu being able to arrange music is unfortunately worthless. Like it’s a reason to root for her as an idol, but she’s not gonna be able to impact the group with that. Anyway, I agree that Miyu deserved better and did well, but Miyazaki Miho was definitely the one who stood out in this, as I didn’t know before that she was one who could carry a tune. Jang Gyuri rebounded nicely from that evil editing by Mnet and deserves to make her way up the rankings.


Jax Jones – “Instruction”

I feel bad about this but … uh, I don’t have much of an opinion on any of the contestants here. It was good, but lacked any sort of impact for me and nobody really stood out either. I dunno, seems like a trend for me with many of the dance performances. People whine about vocals on ‘PD48’, but they haven’t been the issue.


Little Mix – “Touch”

Yeah again, it’s fine, but nothing yet has approached the level of stuff coming out of the first two seasons, which even I saw because they went viral a bit. Shitao Miu‘s rise is understandable given her visual and I guess … I mean that’s enough. Really not trying to be a dick to these teams but I’m just being honest about what catches my eye and nobody else did.



Miyawaki Sakura looked hot, which if we’re being honest, is basically all that matters for her. She actually acquitted herself fine in this performance, or maybe it was because so much else was bad. Like … I’m honestly not sure who would rap at this point in the group and I think Cheetah must want to kill herself. As a leader Park Seoyoung sorta fucked up by making this like a hybrid performance, but she herself is really the only one that didn’t make me cringe during the quasi-rap sections … too bad she forgot the lyrics and her chances are definitely dead in a ditch now.

Takahashi Juri hype is significant, but she didn’t sound great and I’m not on that train. I love Murakawa Bibian for being a meme — and she doesn’t look like she’s on the verge of mental breakdown this performance!!! — but I don’t think anybody is caping for her skills.


Position Evaluation

I know this is sacrilege to say but … I don’t have a problem with much it? I could quibble — like with Miyu and Miu deserving better — but for the most part it’s fine.



Still, if you want to make the best choice, should probably watch the individual fancams that are free of Mnet’s editing.

Position Evaluation Focus Cams
byu/aknite inProduce48


Memes, bitches.



Nakanishi Chiyori is rebounding with comedy at least.


Boycott update!

Oh shit, the ratings are actually down. Honestly though? I kinda understand. The main issue is a lack of drama or tension, as there’s no real rivalries being developed or reason to care when the #1 spot is revealed or even most of the Top 12, mainly just the eliminations. That’s a problem no matter how you cut it for a reality TV show that thrives on drama. The fact that the main thing I’m addressing is stuff not on the show (Koreaboos/Weeaboos) and some pointless Yunjin/Nako drama is telling.

The only thing that’s bothersome is people claiming the drop has anything to do with skill level. I already went on my rant about it last recap, so I’m not gonna rehash it. I just find it hilarious that K-pop or J-pop fans, much less ‘Produce’ fans, think this shit is about skill level. Don’t have to trust me, the actual voting and polls everywhere reflect the reality of things.


I last did my Top 12 back on episode five, and this one will see a bunch of changes.

Drum roll for my Top 12, which officially counts.


Now Asian Junkie’s coverage is LEGIT.

Barring significant changes, the first six are likely safe for me all the way through. The next two are approaching that level as well, but the other four? I can easily be swayed on them as I wasn’t attached. Like Jo Yuri is nine and I decided on it just due to rewatching her individual fancam.


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