Netizens pretend to be mad over HyunA jokingly chest-bumping E’Dawn

HyunA is currently catching shit on Pann (where else?) for “excessive” skinship with Pentagon‘s E’Dawn in their Triple H group, mainly based on gifs where she bumps chests with him.

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Ah yes, gifs with no context, when has judging a situation based on that ever worked out poorly before? *Holds Earpiece* I’m being told the answer is “every time”, I apologize.


Korean netizens were predictably unhappy (obviously since this started there), with one suggesting HyunA be admitted to a mental hospital. Alrighty. But let’s get the reaction from the top-voted comment thread on Pann Choa, surely international netizens might have a different take.

Well … that’s a lot of upvotes. Surely if I get the context and actually watch the video it’ll explain how HyunA is problematic and a sexual harasser, right?

Uh … uhhhhh … honestly man, do these people genuinely have friends? HyunA is talking to the camera, E’Dawn initiates things by getting close to her face and scaring her, so HyunA retaliates by chest bumping him … or at least pretending to. Dude never looks upset with what’s happening and is generally smiling about it after.

Nobody is defending her cause it’s edgy, people are defending her cause there’s nothing there to whine about. This 100% became an issue because a woman with a “slutty” public image is getting close to two “innocent” oppars as a part of their group concept. How does one not see that being the primary reason for this becoming a thing? You don’t see this being an issue when they go even further with groups that aren’t co-ed, right? Of course not. It’s transparent why they pretend to care about this.

Anyway, we’re talking about the same trio that ad-libs a level of closeness and sexuality into their performances that isn’t there in the sexy yet sterile official choreography, right?

Yes? K.

Honestly though, I think you can see what their actual problem is. Mainly they desperately want this to be problematic so they can use it as a comparison when people come for oppar. Most complaining about HyunA cite UP10TION‘s Wooshin being witch-hunted, which doesn’t make sense. That was wrong as well because it was also stupid as fuck, so doing it to HyunA just makes you the same as the netizens you’re complaining about that turned Wooshin’s life into a living hell. How does one not realize that?


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