Actor Nam Joo Hyuk touched inappropriately as fans fight over him at ‘Penshoppe Fan-Con’

Actor Nam Joo Hyuk and Dara were featured guests at ‘Penshoppe Fan-Con‘ in the Philippines recently, and during the event an issue arose with the group photo session. Video shows Nam Joo Hyuk basically being manhandled by groups of fans almost as if he wasn’t a human but just some prop to be used by them. It was unsettling.

They are rushing up to him in waves, touching him all over as much as possible, and tussling with each other for position while holding onto him. Feel terrible for the guy, honestly.

Furthermore, Nam Joo Hyuk may have received scratches as a result of all the fighting over him.

Fans like this are why celebrities just don’t do these kinds of things at all.


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